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Vision Statement

One of the key functions of the Governing Board is to set the strategic direction for the school and to undertake long term development planning for the future. In order to create a shared vision for the school we have consulted staff, children and parents to discuss our school’s ethos, purpose and mission. As a result of our collaborative activities, we have agreed a shared vision for the school and the key goals which we will be working on over the next few years.

We passionately believe that children at Downsway should receive a broad and balanced educational experience where emphasis is placed on developing intellectual, creative, physical skills and acquiring good character traits for life. Our curriculum is focused on ensuring these skills are explicitly taught whilst providing opportunities for each child to grow socially and emotionally. We also provide an array of rich learning experiences through our extra-curricular activities. Our 12 core values of: Friendship, Tolerance, Peace, Hope, Cooperation, Patience, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Trust and Responsibility are at the heart of the school and underpin all our work.

We have identified 5 key long term GOALS which we shall be working towards, as follows:

 To provide excellent teaching and learning

 To be the first choice of primary school for the local community

 To promote and foster active parental engagement

 To develop further our inclusive learning community

 To set up an Early Years nursery to develop the foundations for early learning

Our ambition is to provide excellent education for all children within our school community and to become the first choice of primary school for our local area. We believe that this will be achieved by earning a reputation for excellence in everything which we do. This means: excellent educational outcomes for our children both academically and socially; a curriculum which is exciting and engaging and meets the needs of our children; positive relationships with our parents who are engaged and support their children in all aspects of their learning; and recruiting, retaining and developing the best classroom practitioners and school leaders.

In order to demonstrate how we intend to realise our long term goals we have prepared a governors’ strategic plan. The plan shows in simple terms where we are going and how we will achieve this. Our strategic plan and vision statement is also supported by a detailed operational plan for each academic year which is called a Raising Attainment Plan (RAP). The RAP has been written by the School Leadership Team and it echoes the goals in our strategic vision statement. The RAP provides a sharp clear focus for our work in the short term, it also outlines the targets to be met in the year, together with detailed actions, timescales and costings. Our strategic plan and vision statement will be reviewed annually by leaders and governors to check on progress made towards realising our goals. This exercise will involve a review of where we are alongside an evaluation of how successful our actions have been in securing improvements and any amendments required to keep us on track.