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Parents/Carers Feedback

Feedback from Foundation Stage Parents/Carers

  • Moved near the area, heard a lot about how good the school is and moved my eldest children.  He started in Year 3 and obviously wanted my youngest child to go here as well.
  • As well as his older brother attending here, we were blown away with how lovely the school is.  The teachers are great.  It’s not too big and it looks after its students.
  • I (mother) went to Downsway and loved the experience.  When we visited the school, it was even better.  We are slightly outside of catchment but very close as the crow flies.  We are very happy with our child’s experience so far.
  • As well as being our catchment school, we love Downsway.  Staff are fantastic, my boys enjoy school and learning, there is a lovely open feel to Downsway.  Kids all know each other.  Downsway also has great space – the huge outdoor space as well as well-maintained eye catching classrooms.
  • Close by and seemed like the nicest school in the area.
  • I got a good gut feeling when I visited the school which I didn’t with the other schools.  I really liked Mrs Ayres and her positive attitude towards the students.  I liked that there was a lot to encourage students’ creative side as well as other subjects.  I also liked the standard that the school was kept to.
  • It is a lovely intimate school where the teachers all seemed to know all the children.  All those years ago when we visited the schools in the area this was reassuring as it made me realise my ‘baby’ would be cared for at school.  The facilities were great, setting great and after school clubs covered most interests.  I thought Downsway covered all the things in my wish list for a school.  I love the school and am very pleased my boys are at the school.
  • Great school.
  • It was our favourite school out of the primary schools we visited.  All the staff, especially in Foundation - they are amazing.
  • Has a brother in another year group already at Downsway and we live about 7-8 minutes away from the school, so it is our catchment school.
  • Downsway is the closest school to us but when we look around it was also our preferred school in the area.  Reasons why; Mrs Ayres gives a friendly, professional tour with the right amount of information (covered everything but didn’t give too much information so wasn’t overwhelming; school was tidy and organised and not chaotic and cluttered!; friendly atmosphere, students pleased to see new children.
  • Downsway is our catchment school.  However when we viewed Downsway we felt the school provided the right environment that suited our child’s attitude to learning; and the school had the right facilities to encourage our child’s development potential.
  • We looked around several local schools and chose Downsway because we liked the focus on positive reinforcement.  We were impressed by the teachers and the happy atmosphere amongst all the children and staff.  We liked the school layout and facilities.  It seemed welcoming and well organised.  The adventure playground looked great!
  • We chose Downsway school because we wanted a small single form entry school for our children that we felt confident would meet their social and academic needs.  We wanted our children to be nurtured and valued as individuals and for their talents to be built upon and no just a school that pushes academic education.  We wanted a school with good values and beliefs that fitted with ours and we believe that Downsway was the perfect fit for our children.
  • School is catchment; my younger sister went to Downsway; when we came round to view the school there was a good vibe and both loved how there was only one class group; think it is also good how there are two groups at the start of September to give all the children a chance to settle.
  • Nice small school; the library; impressed by Mrs Ayres; seemed friendly; modern; good facilities.
  • I chose Downsway as I liked the fact it is a smaller school for my children.  I liked the layout of the school.  The staff at the school are friendly, helpful, sorts problems or worries out fast.  I love how each year sports day is done and at the end you have stalls, BBQ, drinks as it brings everyone together. Christmas and Easter all celebrated.
  • We really like the atmosphere and ethos of the school.
  • Smaller than other local primary schools, liked the fact there’s only one class per year.  ‘Felt; right when I visited prior to child starting.  Nice layout of classrooms – lots of light, staff welcoming on visit.
  • We chose this school for our first child three years ago.  We loved that it was only 1 intake per year, also having worked a few years back as an after school dance teacher I saw how all the children in the school looked after each other – the older ones looking after the little ones and the little ones looking up to the older children.  The school has an amazing ethos.  Brilliant school.

Feedback from Year 6 Parents/Carers - July 2020

  • We’d like to thank all the Downsway’s staff for helping X grow into a confident learner. Special thanks to Miss Gale who listened to our worries and supported our quiet little four year old, who was a reluctant talker, to start his journey in building his confidence.  This continued year on and year and he has especially enjoyed Mr Grover’s fun and inspiring history sessions and of course the maths and science. A special thank you to ‘Mr G’ for his wise words to X during lockdown - X felt really supported through some tough days (as did we) and his special happy birthday message was very much appreciated. X is going to miss Downsway immensely but he is well prepared for the next stage of his education, and luckily we get to enjoy Downsway for another two years with X! 
  • I would just like to say how amazing you have all been to X, X & X. I have been a Downsway parent for 11 years and will be sad to leave the school behind us. You have always had time to listen to my concerns, supported, and cared for my children throughout their time at Downsway and I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for them. I wish you all good luck for September, as I know it will be hard but you are a very strong & united school and you will keep on caring for every child that comes through your door in the amazing way you do.
  • Since X’s first day in reception, until his last, X has loved school. As parents, knowing that our child is excited to go to school and genuinely passionate about his learning, is the most wonderful thing.  X has been challenged, nurtured, supported and cared for throughout his time at Downsway, with the most outstanding guidance and for this we are truly thankful. The senior leadership team, teaching staff, support staff, admin team all have the shared vision and the child is at the centre of everything they do. They all know the children and genuinely care for them. When our family faced challenging times last year, the school was amazing at protecting and caring for our children. Mr Grover has been pivotal to X’s development, instilling in him a sense of confidence, pride, ambition and a love for maths. The opportunities available to the children both extra curricular and within lessons are outstanding and driven by the passionate and professional staff; there aren’t many head teachers who will stand out in the freezing cold at 8am to umpire netball, or staff willing to run through sulham woods on a lunch break - although their time is precious, they sacrifice it for the good of the children. This commitment extends into the many trips and visits planned to enhance the children’s learning. X has had to opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament, sing at the O2 and broadened his experiences on residential trips. We would recommend Downsway to any parent. It has been a privilege to watch our child grow and mature with you as you prepared him for the next stage in his life. Thank you. Please send our sincerest thanks to all the staff who’ve cared for X throughout his time with you.
  • X’s time at Downsway has been fun.  He has learnt a lot and made lots of friends.  He has experienced many positive things during his time at school.  A big thank you to all of the teachers for helping him throughout his time at Downsway. 
  • Both my children have thrived at Downsway, especially X in Year 6.  The staff have been amazing and helpful as we battled with X's anxiety.  The support offered was above and beyond what we would have expected and for that we thank you greatly.   You have fostered their imagination and creativity, expanded their world with your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subjects.   I don't know where you can improve as I have always felt heard and supported.  Please don't change as I do believe the school is on the right track. 
  • Our feedback on Downsway...Very efficient, organised and strong leadership; Good decision making and always looking out for the children's interest; Lovely teachers who have a great understanding of every child's needs in their year group; The school website looks amazing, it is very informative (you have covered everything any parent/carer would like to know about the school); Excellent communication between home and school (love the weekly reminders).