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Foundation Stage

Hello and welcome to Foundation Stage! 

Our Foundation Stage team is made up of Mrs Clarke, Miss Green, Mrs Saunders, Miss Allen, Miss Fairbairn, Mrs Giles and Miss Gale. Here you can find out about all of the exciting things that we get up to at school.

We are proud of our caring, creative and happy learning environment where all children are valued equally and encouraged to achieve their full potential. Over the course of the year we will support your child in developing their curiosity, independence, resilience, confidence and love of learning. 

Children develop their learning and skills through exploratory play opportunities during exploring time and by working in small focused groups with adults. Exploring time allows children to engage in free-flow independent play and planned exploration opportunities within the indoor and outside learning environments. Through play children develop language skills and creativity, social and intellectual skills and learn how to regulate their emotions. We also plan and resource additional enhancements in order to provide a challenging learning environment to support and extend the learning of key concepts linking to the Early Years Foundation Stage. We take account of children's interests and developmental next steps when planning activities and enhancements.