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Diversity and Equality

Diversity Context 2017-18

Downsway Primary School is smaller than the average-sized primary school nationally and has 217 children on roll with 54% boys and 46% girls. Males are under represented on the staff, with six males out of a total of 35 current staff.

Our community at Downsway is predominantly White British, with only 17% of pupils from ethnic minority groups and 7% of children with English as an additional language. 12% of our children are registered disabled; 2% of those have a physical disability. 14% of our children are on the Special Educational Needs Register, 2% of those have a statement of Special Needs or an EHCP. The proportion of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) is below the national average.  The number of pupils with a statement/EHCP is just below the national average.

58% of our children come from outside of the catchment area. The proportion of pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium is just under 5%. The low school deprivation level means that very few of our children comes from homes with high levels of poverty.



Equalities Objectives 2017-18

  • To maintain an attendance level for all of at least 96.5%
  • To evaluate and promote gender-positive attitudes to learning, particularly in boys’ Writing and girls’ Maths and Science
  • To monitor the provision of extra-curricular activities for the families of the Downsway community