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Diversity and Equality

Diversity Context 2020-2021

Downsway Primary School is smaller than the average-sized primary school nationally and has 213 children on roll with 57% boys and 43% girls. Males are under represented on the staff, with five males out of a total of 36 current staff.

Our community at Downsway is predominantly White British, with 19% of children from ethnic minority groups and 8% of children with English as an additional language. 0.9% of our children are registered disabled. 10% of our children are on the Special Educational Needs Register, of which 14% of those have an EHCP. The proportion of children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) is below the national average.  The number of children with an EHCP is also below the national average.

The proportion of children who qualify for Pupil Premium is 7%. The low school deprivation level means that very few of our children comes from homes with high levels of poverty.

Equalities Objectives 2020-21

  • By the end of 2020 - 21 academic year, vulnerable groups will continue to regularly attend school in line with National expectation – minimum 95% attendance.
  • Throughout 2020 -21, children will continue to learn that differences and diversities are valued and welcomed within all of our lives.
  • By July 2021, the attainment of our pupil premium pupils without SEND will be in line with their peers within in at least one core subject.