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Foundation Stage News

Here you can find out about what we have been learning and what exciting things we have been doing in school.

 Talk Like a Pirate Day

We have had a great day celebrating Talk like a Pirate Day. We started the day by learning some pirate sayings, for example, “Ahoy matey” means “Hello friend” and “booty” means treasure. We played with the pirate small worlds and in the ‘pirate ship’ outside which even had a plank!! We also played pirate bingo and pop-up pirate and coloured in some pirate pictures. Some of us decorated our own pirate flags and drew pirate faces. We also learnt a pirate song, “I’m a pirate, I’m a pirate, On my ship, on my ship, Looking for adventure, looking for adventure, On a trip, on a trip”. We have had a busy day doing all things pirate – take a look at our photo album for some pictures.

 Mark Making Day

On Wednesday we enjoyed taking part in lots of mark making activities with Miss Gale. We had a dough disco where we all followed the video and moved the dough in our hands and fingers. This helped to strengthen our fine motor muscles which then helps us to hold a pencil. We did some ribbon writing in the air with colourful ribbons and played a passing game where we had to pass the ball to the friend next to us without turning our whole body. We also used lots of mark making materials such as, chalks, glitter water and paint brushes, sticks in sand trays, shaving foam in the water tray, whiteboards and whiteboard pens, clipboards with pens, chunky felt tip pens and the Interactive White Board. Take a look in our photo gallery for some pictures...