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Engagement and Communication

Governors identified through a survey of the parents/carers of children at Downsway, that one of the areas for improvement is in the way that the school engages and communicates with parents/carers.

Our first action to address this in the 2016/17 school year was to arrange a series of "Meet the Teacher" events at the start of term to ensure that all parents/carers had an opportunity to meet their children's class teacher(s) and find out about the proposed plan of work.

We have then expanded this and together with the staff formulated an improvement plan. We measure the effectiveness of this though a repeat survey.

Target / Action

Timescale / Resources

Lead person


Success Criteria


Parents are aware of new Cornerstones curriculum and expectations for year groups.

Spring Term


Curriculum Evening planned for first half of Spring Term to showcase Cornerstones Curriculum. Open sessions for parents to come and celebrate children’s work within the Cornerstones Units

Parents aware of different topics and the curriculum expectations for their child’s year group

4 days supply cover

Parents understand current assessment & reporting procedures.

Spring Term


Assessment Evening linked to Curriculum Evening to explain new assessment procedures (Target Tracker)

As above


Parents feel confident in supporting their children with homework tasks.

By end Spring Term


Open sessions for parents to come and see how different subject areas are taught. Filmed lessons using IRIS to be made available through school website.

Parents can access practical guides to understand how different areas of the curriculum are taught.


Structured Conversations implemented to reach parents of children who cause concern.

Autumn Term

MG & class teachers

Identification of children in each year group for whom this approach could be beneficial & have impact. Approach parents & hold initial meeting with class teachers to agree targets.

Children make progress towards targets. Parent is more engaged and supportive of child’s learning.

4 days supply cover

Website to include current class information and weekly blog updates.

Autumn Term

LS & class teachers

Each class web page to display current curriculum map & information within first week of school term. Blogs updated at least fortnightly. Homework tasks included on class page wherever possible.

Parents can access this key information through website and leave comments about the blog.


Noticeboards around school site to contain current, useful information for parents.

Autumn Term


Check content of boards and agree expectations for what should be displayed. Monitor weekly to ensure these are kept up to date.

All information is current & accurate.