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Easter Revision Tasks

Please feel free to complete as many of these Year 6 activities as revision and practice for the End of Key Stage 2 SATs assessments.

You may find the Ten for Ten tasks particularly helpful. They are designed to be just 10 minutes worth of quick revision activities for each day of the holidays, keeping your mind fresh and ready for the SATs in May. There are Maths, Reading, Writing and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) tasks available, along with the answers to help you mark your work and identify any areas where you would like some more help.

If you are finding maths tricky, aim for the Working Towards tasks to build your confidence - you can always move onto the Expected Standard questions later, when you are feeling more comfortable.

If you would like a challenge, aim for the Greater Depth tasks as these are trickier.

It would be a great idea to practise the Year 3/4 and the Year 5/6 spelling words during the Easter break too. Try putting them into interesting and creative sentences; out loud first so you understand their meanings, then write them in a sentence to practise the spellings for the words. You can find a list of the words you need to be able to spell, below.